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‘So far there is little we could but shines do the patient’s eye and ask for a follow-up examination back in six months, ‘Young observed. ‘But it is shortsighted to ocular melanoma thinking to the eyeball to the eyeball. Cancer can kill you, regardless of where they . Originated in the body – ‘We have known for 10 years that this genetic marker is linked to fast-growing melanoma,’she added. ‘It’s time for ophthalmologists to expand their surgical practice include the biopsy, and use it to obtain life-saving information for their patients. Only then will we be able to effects. Approaches to the treatment of the cancer, the effect of developing the whole body. ‘.

This genetic marker as the starting point for their research, UCLA scientists studied a group of patients who had been newly diagnosed with ocular melanoma. Each patient for a standard for a standard eye surgery temporarily implant a small disc, shrink the tumor with radiation and hopefully save the eye provided.

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