A healthy body and a healthy mind

A Healthy Body And A Healthy Mind Is The Correct Approach To LIKE A Healthy Life Overweight as well as obesity is turning out end up being diseases in most developed along with developing countries. With regards to slimming down, there are plenty of various types of diet programs that promise to provide a fast result. Nevertheless, a lot of them are not really good for health as they are very imbalanced within their diet schedule . Check the medical gymnastics history to know how important is it to have sport in our life.

Many a times, it is difficult to comprehend whether the child is normal or going through some kind of disorder. Fears and phobias certainly are a disorder that can affect children irrespective of their age groups. Phobias like these that show extreme level can last for a period of six a few months or more. Such phobias in children can relate to: * A person or animal * A exercise such as swimming or cycling * A predicament like being only or locked in a dark room * Sharp objects like shots, needles, scissors, * Being separated from any grouped relative * Exams or outcomes * Loud noises * Crowds A child suffering from fears or phobias may manifest any or almost all of the above-mentioned circumstances to an extent. Yet, the phobia is at its peak when a kid exhibits an abnormally high level for just about any of the above.


“Health is the most valuable thing that people have, so it must be protected.”

The Day of Health is held to ensure that the general public is thinking how important and valuable is health and how to behave in order to keep it not only for themselves, but for others. WHO devotes each annual World Health Day to specific topics and conducts various promotional activities, both on this day and for a long time after April 7. In particular, they are paying attention to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Director-General of WHO in their annual messages on this day. Every year on April 7, around the world, World Health Day is celebrated, a celebration commemorating the date of foundation of the World Health Organization. By tradition, on this day, the organizers are conducting global campaigns that draw the attention of every indifferent person to any major health problem. The main goal of the event organizers is to attract world leaders, as well as the public, to emerging health problems, which makes it possible to conduct joint actions aimed at protecting the health and well-being of ordinary people. Annually on the WHO Health Day, various advocacy activities are held, related to one, the most urgent health problem.

To be healthy is the natural aspiration of a person. A healthy and spiritually developed person is happy: he feels great, receives satisfaction from his work, strives for self-improvement, reaching unfading youth and beauty. Great poets, who inspire us with a beautiful hymn, often identify beauty and health. Integrity, harmony of human personality are manifested, first of all, in the interconnection and interaction of the body’s mental and physical forces, the harmony of self-expression in various areas of our life. An active and healthy person permanently retains youth, continuing conscious activity, not allowing the “soul” to be lazy.