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That means there are a great number of people walking around feeling sick, tired, depressed, along with 300 other known disorders and they are not making the connection to gluten because they think Celiac Disease is usually so rare. It’s not rare at all; actually, Celiac Disease is one of the most common life-very long disorders in both European countries and the U.S. 2 The other issue may be the current medical regular for assessment and diagnosing; it is flawed and fails the patient MOST of the time completely. That is another topic entirely and protected in another article, but it does enhance the misinformation of how many people are suffering from gluten and Celiac Disease.We already have a variety of 3D solutions. One relates to the strata and is porous polystyrene that enables cells to grow in 3 dimensions basically. It has been established to support a multitude of cells, in the stem cell differentiation marketplace especially. It is already used in oncology drug development and has enabled 3D cell development without disturbing cell functionality. Nowadays there are different versions of natural matrices known as basement membrane extracts out there. There is a matrix called BME1 that is 3D certified and guarantees the support of normal cell differentiation inside the matrix; there is certainly BME 2 which can be specifically made to support organoid growth and there is BME3, which supports xenograft development.