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The New York Times: AN ILLNESS Without A Treatment Spreads Quietly In The West Coccidioidomycosis, referred to as ‘cocci,’ can be an insidious airborne fungal disease where microscopic spores in the soil fly on the wind or even a slight breeze to lodge in the moist habitat of the lungs and, in the most extreme situations, spread to the bones, the skin, the optical eyes or, in Mr. Klorman's case, the brain. The infection, which the Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance has labeled ‘a silent epidemic,’ is impressive more people each full year, with more than 20,000 reported cases each year throughout the Southwest, especially in California and Arizona.The harm seen would influence nonverbal function, emotional control, decision-making capabilities and the ability to focus, they described in the news release. Furthermore, the high blood pressure individuals also fared ‘significantly’ worse on thinking tests, while the healthy volunteers didn’t display signs of impaired thinking or memory during testing, the researchers said. That said, there was no proof that the harm seen actually harmed verbal function or the ability to perform daily routines. The analysis was only in a position to show an association, rather than a cause-and-effect relationship. Carnevale, an assistant professor in the Neuromed Institute in Sapienza University in Rome, is scheduled to present the findings Thursday in the American Center Association’s High Blood Pressure Conference in Washington, D.C.