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Hsp-27 is an important part of the signaling pathways that movement of cells movement of cells through the body. The study also shows that new drugs could be developed these signals and these signals, and the spread of prostate cancer cells. – Professor Foster added: If further studies show that blocking these cell message systems is successful , it could provide a new treatment for aggressive forms of prostate cancer nizagara . .

Dr Lesley Walker, cancer cancer information at Cancer Research UK, said: ‘These results are an important step towards addressing the longstanding question of how men with prostate cancer treated diagnosed diagnosed, the need for treatment varies greatly between patients – with men. Non – aggressive cancer can for for therapy therapy, while aggressive cancers require immediate treatment with a combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, but it is very difficult to differentiate who the type of cancer. A marker molecule that aggressive prostate cancer would help us specifically identifies active treatment of patients who need it – avoiding unnecessary therapy side effects side effects, for those who do not, ‘she added: ‘The next stage would be this protein in large clinical trials to test to determine how useful for diagnosis for diagnosis or treatment. Is.

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