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Rarely has the ongoing health care sector witnessed the introduction of a completely new class of therapeutic products. The arrival of biosimilars – much like the launch of generic drugs years ago – provides patients and suppliers with safe, effective and less expensive therapeutic options for treating many of the most pernicious chronic illnesses. The function is certainly sponsored by AbbVie Inc., Amgen Inc., Apotex Inc, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck & Co., Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Zion offers endured more than most adults. A severe disease when he was 24 months old pressured doctors to amputate both his hands and feet. ‘I don’t know what a child’s hands look like,’ he said in the documentary about the procedure. He walks by using prosthetics, but also for his hands, doctors at the Children’s Medical center of Philadelphia decided to try something that they had hardly ever completed before with a kid: a double hand transplant. ‘I believe the difficulty is locating a family which has the courage to relinquish the hands of a kid who just died, and present hope and existence and standard of living to a child who’s still living,’ stated the hospital’s transplant program director, Dr.