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Sen köpa . Patty Murray on Saturday as a promised by President Bush to adequate health care for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan hollow talk type and said the Bush government needs to do more problem problem, the AP / Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. During the weekly Democratic radio address Murray said that Bush is not request sufficient funds for the Department of Veterans Affairs. For non-performanced: The president can call on Democrats to follow him in lockstep, what he wants, but when it comes to caring for our veterans, we are not about to start taking advice from George Bush. They also criticized the government for the loss of personal data of millions of veterans and for non-performance conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to improve. Furthermore promoted Murray a bill the the thousands of new case workers would prevent delays in health care for veterans, improve conditions at Walter Reed and fund efforts to treat post – traumatic stress disorder and other conditions (Daly, AP / Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Ident Bush to do more to Veterans’ Health Care ImproveDurbin addiction study of the VA Medical Center in Illinois In related news, asked Sen. Richard Durbin on Saturday, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois investigate ‘deeply disturbing ‘claims improper care, inadequate supervision and potentially criminal behavior of employees in Marion, Illinois, VA Medical Center, the AP / Indianapolis Star reports.

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