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‘These results support smoking avoidance interventions that encourage parents of all three racial/ethnic groupings to enforce consistent outcomes of smoking cigarettes behavior, and encourage continuing monitoring and connectedness in minority organizations.’.. Adolescents less inclined to start smoking if indeed they feel connected to their parents Parents shouldn’t let up when it comes to discouraging their kids from smoking.On the other hand, no splicing defects had been detected in samples with the del defect and wild-type SF3B1 as compared with samples with the del defect and mutated SF3B1 . These studies show that splicing function in chronic lymphocytic leukemia is altered due to a mutation in SF3B1 rather than del. Discussion Massively parallel sequencing technology provides accelerated the discovery of genetic alterations in cancer significantly.5,6,14 Our analysis of samples from 91 patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia provided the statistical power to identify the involvement of nine driver genes and to suggest the involvement of six distinct pathways in the pathogenesis of the disease. Moreover, we discovered novel associations with prognostic markers that shed light on the biology underlying this clinically heterogeneous disease.