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A medication is likely to enter medical trials in 2011. Targeted forms of tumor therapy have obtained significant interest because the late 1990s. They employ small molecules that inhibit mutated, overexpressed, or critical proteins characteristic of a particular cancer cell otherwise, instead of non-specifically inhibiting and killing of all dividing cells within the body rapidly. ETC and Siena Biotech’s molecular inhibitors may improve the prognosis for a very significant number of cancer sufferers, considering that gastric cancer may be the fourth most common cancer in the globe and the second leading cause of cancer death. Gastric tumor is also probably the most common in Singapore , with over 600 cases diagnosed each year. ETC is committed to translating early-stage scientific discoveries into practical applications, stated Prof Alex Matter, CEO of ETC and head of the extensive analysis team that discovered the 1st targeted anti-cancer drug, Gleevec.MySciNet is definitely sponsored by Genentech and Pfizer. ‘These networks seek to promote the professional advancement of the scientists while helping to meet key technology policy objectives,’ said Jim Austin, editor of Science Professions and MySciNet and principal investigator for the CTSciNet task. ‘With MySciNet we are addressing the critical issue of science workforce diversity,’ Austin continued. And with CTSciNet, ‘you want to display early career researchers how they are able to help solve probably the most essential scientific challenges of our lifetimes: determining how to effectively translate scientific breakthroughs into practical therapies.’ The new internet sites offer free, secure virtual communities for researchers at all career phases.