People With Type 2 Diabetes Do Benefit From Blood Sugar Checks: WEDNESDAY.

The findings were to be presented Wednesday at the AADE annual conference in New Orleans. Research offered at meetings is normally viewed as preliminary until it has been published in a peer-examined journal. The results confirm that people with type 2 diabetes do react to the full total results of blood sugar self-monitoring tests, Dana Brackney noted. ‘Participants in this research said that sticking to a regular [self-monitoring] schedule really helped them to learn where their blood levels had been and take appropriate actions, such as adding physical activity or choosing a wholesome snack,’ Brackney said.Because it has been reported that ATF2 overexpression causes the resistance of cancer cells to chemotherapy and radiation, the ATF2 shuttling might play an integral role in the power of cancer cells to resist malignancy treatments, and preventing the ATF2 from moving into the cytoplasm may improve the efficiency of anticancer treatments. Ultimately, we are trying to figure out how to make the tumor cells more delicate to chemotherapy and radiation treatment by keeping the ATF2 in the nucleus, Hu said.