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After a 7-month intervention period, school-age children with the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome without prolonged oxyhemoglobin desaturation who underwent medical operation didn’t have significantly better improvement in attention and executive function, as measured by way of neuropsychological tests, than did children in the watchful-waiting group. However, surgery led to higher reductions in symptoms and greater improvements in behavior, quality of life, and polysomnographic findings, with impact sizes in the moderate-to-large range.In a recent publication, it was shown that serum testosterone concentrations in cycling 30-year-old pre-menopausal ladies range from 1 normally.2 pg/ml to 6.4 pg/ml. Nevertheless, generally, blood levels are not compared between research because different research performed at differing times with different assays can generate varying testosterone blood levels. In the LibiGel Stage III clinical studies, baseline testosterone levels, although collected, are not an exclusion or inclusion criterion, per FDA recommendation, since therapy for HSDD is meant for symptomatic treatment of HSDD and not testosterone levels.