Officials said Monday

21 measles cases linked to megachurch in Texas DALLAS A Texas megachurch linked to at least 21 measles situations has been trying to contain the outbreak by hosting vaccination treatment centers, officials said Monday . The outbreak started when a one who contracted measles overseas visited Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark, located about 20 kilometers north of Fort Well worth, Texas. Officials with area health departments said those suffering from the outbreak range in age group from 4-a few months to 44-years-old. All the school-aged children with measles were homeschooled, and most those that were infected had not been vaccinated.

Many of the study participants said they tried to avoid the issue altogether. Strategies included posing as a drinker by keeping a cup however, not drinking, or just refusing offers to drink without saying why. If asked why they were not really drinking, some cited health problems or said they were taking medications that couldn’t be utilized with alcohol. Some used humor to change the topic, the researchers found. A few of the former drinkers said these were open about their history of problem drinking, especially if they thought it would have them out of a situation that threatened their sobriety, or if it was believed by them would help other issue drinkers.