More focus is put on the ingredients used in these supplements.

Reddish-purple and Small in colour, the acai berry is related to the blueberry and cranberry. Acai supplements use acai berry pulp powder or extract generally, and acai berry juice is also occasionally found in supplemental beverages. Hoodia Gordonii Hoodia gordonii is usually a spiny and leafless succulent plant that closely resembles the cactus, and is native to South Namibia and Africa. It is the fleshy stem of the hoodia gordonii plant that’s used in supplements due to its appetite-suppressing properties. Traditionally eaten by the indigenous natives as a means to stave off food cravings and thirst during long treks, hoodia gordonii has gained widespread acceptance as a weight-loss help after famously being featured on CBS’s 60 Mins.When people exercise, they often breathe rapidly through their mouth rather than allowing their nasal area to warm and humidify the air. The cold, dry surroundings that reaches the bronchial tubes can result in asthma symptoms. These symptoms typically occur within five to a quarter-hour after starting workout and could occur several minutes after exercise has stopped. Between 80 % to 90 % of people with asthma suffer some extent of EIB, which occurs in people without asthma also, affecting about 10 % of the general inhabitants.