Michel Bolla.

The additional 2.5 years of androgen suppression had no further relevant effect on other quality-of-life measures clinically. These results reflect the known effects of androgen suppression on health-related standard of living and sexual function.28-31 In our study, the difference in the effect of long-term and short-term androgen suppression on 5-year mortality was modest, but we believe that the benefit of long-term suppression is likely to be maintained at a decade, whereas the benefit of short-term suppression may be dissipated by then.28 We recommend radiotherapy plus long-term androgen suppression for males with locally advanced prostate cancer who have no contraindicating coexisting circumstances..We calculated the population-structured incidence of C. Difficile infection using 2011 U.S. Census data.22 In this calculation, we excluded infants under the age of 1 12 months from the denominator, given that they were not included in the numerator. We also performed a sensitivity evaluation to estimate the national burden of C. Difficile contamination according to different degrees of NAAT use. Results Incidence and Burden of C. Difficile Infection From January 1, 2011, december 31 to, 2011, we identified 15,461 cases of C.