Marianne Pavel.

Hazard ratios for disease progression or death generally favored lanreotide more than placebo in the predefined subgroups ., and Fig. S2 and S3 in the Supplementary Appendix). The exceptions were small subgroups , for which the hazard ratios got wide confidence intervals and the findings were imprecise. Various other End Points The odds ratio to be alive without centrally assessed disease progression at weeks 48 and 96 , as well as the time to tumor progression, significantly favored lanreotide over placebo at each time point .).All too folks are cynical regarding whether smokers really can quit often. Thanks to the courageous leadership of NEW YORK, we know a mix of cigarette tax boosts, clean indoor air laws, and appropriate treatment to aid cessation can result in major declines in smoking. That, in turn, means healthier people who live longer lives. Cheryl Healton, President and CEO of the American Legacy Base. When people know more, they smoke less. Other Data Highlights: Smoking rates declined among all age groups, racial/ethnic groups, all boroughs and among men and women. The proportion of adults who smoke decreased by 22 percent. There were 42,000 fewer smokers in the Bronx; 18,000 fewer in Brooklyn; 31,000 fewer in Manhattan; 39,000 fewer in Queens; 5,000 fewer in Staten Island.