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Nutrition experts still recommend consuming chocolates with an 85 % coca content to avoid extra dietary sugar and considerably lower threat of stroke and coronary disease.. A daily dose of chocolate is proven to help prevent stroke in men An abundance of scientific evidence continues to show the powerful health advantages of consuming a multitude of polyphenols from organic foods. In past research, resveratrol, grape and curcumin seed extract have already been shown to help prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and dementia as these amazing substances alter genetic expression to boost cellular rate of metabolism and improve important biomarkers.It does involve some negatives however; as the impressions can become distorted because of either a surplus gain of water that can make it swell or a loss of drinking water that can result in it shrinking. This will not happen constantly but when it can it fundamentally means we have to start yet again. Polyvinyl Siloxane The other popular type of impression material that is commonly used in dentistry can be that of Polyvinyl Siloxane which can be otherwise referred to as PVS. This type of impression material comes in light, medium and large bodies and is made by several manufacturers who have their own range.