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Print media coverage was very much heavier for Gardasil, spiking in month nine with 147 media reports. Through the preceding 8 weeks, there was no factor in adverse event reports for Gardasil and Menactra. Adverse event reporting for Gardasil elevated nine a few months after authorization. At that time, Texas governor Rick Perry issued an executive order that girls older than age group 11 be vaccinated, an order which the Texas legislature overturned. The experts found that the disproportionate quantity of Gardasil adverse events reported reflected the extreme media attention which echoed following the Texas controversy relocated online. Although authors admit they cannot rule out a genuine difference in the amount of unwanted effects experienced from the two vaccines, they remember that the reported risk of serious adverse occasions for both Gardasil and Menactra were low .Their result indicate that hereditary and acquired risk factors play a significant part in etiopathogenesis of abdominal venous hrombosis. Acquired risk factors are significantly more common in sufferers with SVT while hereditary risk elements are similar in individuals with BCS and SVT. Evaluation and Acknowledgement of these risk factors can help in therapy and avoidance of disease progression. As a significant number of patients absence obvious etiology further study must identify up to now unrecognized risk factors. Reference: Dutta AK, Chacko A, George B, Joseph AJ, Nair SC, Mathews V. Risk elements of thrombosis in abdominal veins. Globe J Gastroenterol 2008; 14: 4518-4522 Correspondence to: Dr. Ashok Chacko, MD, MNAMS , DM, Professor & Head, Division of Gastrointestinal Sciences, Christian Medical University & Hospital, Vellore 632 004, India.