Because of the dramatic boost in the amount of Alzheimers cases.

Because of the dramatic boost in the amount of Alzheimer’s cases, new and far better remedies are urgently needed. The medications that are currently used are of limited worth as they can only relieve the symptoms of the condition temporarily, for a period of around one to two years, and are eventually unable to prevent the onset of dementia. Nevertheless, the Viennese biotech firm Affiris is seeking a new approach, which is yielding promising results extremely. Safety may be the number one priority in today’s medical trials that are getting carried out on patients. ‘The existing studies are focused on establishing the basic safety and tolerability of the brand new vaccines,’ emphasises Prof. Achim Schneeberger, Head of Clinical Section at Affiris. The new vaccines are being tested in two Alzheimer’s trials.Medications like Vioxx are so profitable that the drug companies observe people criminal fines as mere costs of doing business. 2) It’s unlawful to bribe a health care provider to create prescriptions. But what’s not illegal is unmonitored advertising. The drug industry spends about $14,000,000,000 a season on what often quantities to paid vacations and entertainment to promote their drugs. In a single latest example, Pfizer invited doctors to consult at meetings, many in resort locations.