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The study found that chronic discomfort suffers who usually do not seek treatment have a tendency to be younger males whose pain has much less impact on their usual activities. Other researchers included Emmeline Watkins, Ph.D., from the Section of Epidemiology at AstraZeneca, and Peter Wollan, Ph.D., from Olmsted Medical Center, and Joseph Melton, M.D., from Mayo Clinic. The scholarly study was supported by a grant from AstraZeneca. A peer-review journal, Mayo Clinic Proceedings publishes original reviews and articles dealing with scientific and laboratory medicine, clinical research, basic science research and scientific epidemiology. Mayo Clinic Proceedings is usually published regular by Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Analysis as part of its commitment to the medical education of doctors.Shortliffe briefly summarized AMIA’s placement on EHR adoption and meaningful make use of. ‘AMIA highly believes that three concepts are essential to achieving meaningful use of authorized EHR technology: 1) We should invest in people and also technology; 2) Users need EHR systems offering cognitive support and evidence-based functionalities; and 3) Adoption of EHR systems takes a balance of benefits and burdens that users will accept.’ In a letter that accompanied AMIA’s comments, Dr.