Bacteria are developing level of resistance at an alarming pace.

Nature is a great starting point for developing medications – two-thirds of all new pharmaceuticals derive from natural chemicals, concludes Tim Holm Jakobsen.. Ajoene in garlic prevents bacterias from destroying white blood cells Aggressive multi-resistant infections constitute an increasing health problem worldwide. Bacteria are developing level of resistance at an alarming pace, so fresh pharmaceuticals that can combat this threat are in great demand. We know that there exists a potent chemical substance in the garlic plant that neutralises resistant bacterias by paralysing their communication program.In addition, given the relationship of overweight and obesity to other critical open public health end points (e.g., cardiovascular cancer and disease, the maintenance of a healthy body weight should remain the cornerstone of diabetes administration, irrespective of smoking position. Further evidence is needed to corroborate our results in other populations.. William O. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H., Laurel A. Habel, Ph.D., Colin M.