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While this should permit the breakup of harmful proteins in the brain, it will prevent any undesired immune reactions also. The first scientific trials on Alzheimer’s patients have now also indicated that this concept works very well. As all of the patients treated so far possess tolerated the vaccine without any noteworthy complications, just how is currently open for the next stage of testing. This milestone does mean that the vaccine produced by Affiris is one of the best expectations in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.Essentially the most valuable part of this exercise was the realization that better studies are needed to exactly determine which current remedies work the very best under different clinical circumstances. We also developed some helpful suggestions on how best to design future studies, stated Dr. Lichtman. Creating this Guideline More than 4,000 journal articles from around the world were analyzed during the period of a 12 months and every article was graded on a five-point scale according to the power and quality of the evidence. Only prospective, randomly controlled clinical trials with enough patients to establish statistical and scientific significance could earn the best grade, ranking as strong evidence.