ARV drug resistance amounts steady in low-.

ARV drug resistance amounts steady in low-, middle-income countries, Who also report says More widespread use of antiretroviral drugs to treat HIV infection has led to drug resistance in low – and middle-income countries, however the known level ‘isn’t steep enough to cause alarm, said a survey released by the World Health Corporation on Wednesday,’ Agence France-Presse reports. ‘In low – and middle-income countries, drug resistance stood at 6.8 % this year 2010, the WHO stated in its first-ever report on the problem,’ the news headlines agency writes, adding, ‘High-income countries, a lot of which began widescale treatment for HIV years earlier and used single or dual therapies that can also encourage resistance, face higher rates of resistance, from eight to 14 %, said the analysis’ .Sufferers with both risk factors were additionally a substantial 2.22-fold much more likely to relapse than individuals who were aged 40 years or older but had HBsAg amounts below 2000 IU/mL. All achieved HBeAg reduction or seroconversion and treatment was stopped when undetectable HBV DNA levels had been documented on two separate occasions at least 12 months aside. Eighty-two of the individuals relapsed over the 5-year post-treatment follow-up.