Announced today that on July 6.

Adeona completes $1 million equity financing and provides upgrade on Zinthionein ZC clinical study Adeona Pharmaceuticals, Inc., announced today that on July 6, 2010, it completed an equity funding of $1 million with an individual institutional investor, 88 Seaside, L.P.32 per share. Individually, Adeona announced the completion of 75 percent enrollment partly 2 of Adeona’s 60 patient clinical study of oral Zinthionein ZC for Alzheimer’s disease and gentle cognitive impairment entitled, A Potential, Randomized, Double Blind Trial of a Novel Oral Zinc Cysteine Preparation in Alzheimer’s Disease . The CopperProof-2 study represents the first controlled clinical research of oral zinc therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and moderate cognitive impairment.His research involved several components of the immune response, you start with a sequence of proteins expressed on the top of cells during an immune response. Called a individual leukocyte antigen , this sequence is designed to recognize personal – from nonself cells. In a standard immune response, HLA functions as a ‘organic dimmer’ to prevent over-stimulation of the inflammatory response. In RA patients, however, the dimmer is broken and excessive inflammation ravages joints and tissue. Interestingly, researchers have determined that 70 % of RA individuals, and not normal individuals, talk about a particular sequence of five proteins of their HLA.