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The grant can be used for personnel, equipment or supplies and you will be available as soon as November 2007. The deadline for 2006-2007 grant applications can be June 8, 2007. Interested research groups are encouraged to send inquiries via e-mail to. Different applicants from the same laboratory may apply; however, the scientific projects must concern different approaches. Innovative approaches and youthful researchers should apply. An independent international scientific committee will review all applications.To place our results in perspective, the median progression-free survival in the control group in our study was similar compared to that among HER2-positive patients with metastatic breast cancer in two other randomized studies who were treated with the mix of trastuzumab and docetaxel . The combination therapy with pertuzumab didn’t raise the rates of asymptomatic or symptomatic cardiac dysfunction. Adverse events of diarrhea, rash, mucosal inflammation, febrile neutropenia, and dry skin were reported more in the pertuzumab group than in the control group frequently.