AMA President to unveil multi-million dollar ad campaign Today.

AMA President to unveil multi-million dollar ad campaign Today, the 21 % Medicare physician payment lower goes into effect, leaving healthcare for seniors and armed service families in jeopardy. On June 3, AMA President J. James Rohack, MD, will hold a telephone news meeting to unveil a multi-million dollar AMA ad campaign urging Us citizens to call their senators to help avoid a Medicare meltdown.S. Rohack said. Rohack.?.01). No sufferers were considered unfit for surgery medically. The median time between the ultimate end of chemoradiotherapy and surgery was 6.6 weeks .002). Postoperative complications are summarized in Desk 2. No significant differences in the occurrence of problems were found between the two treatment groups.70).85).001). A pathological complete response was seen in 28 of 121 patients with adenocarcinoma versus 18 of 37 with squamous-cell carcinoma .77).001). The pathological findings in every resection specimens are summarized in Appendix 2 in the Supplementary Appendix.