All women in U.

All women in U.S. Must have best to quality health care, breast cancer screenings All women in the U.S. Must have access to regular mammograms, and ‘none should be condemned by lack of funds to the painful death of breast malignancy,’ the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a Chicago Sun-Moments columnist, writes in a Sun-Times opinion piece. The U.S. Should spend money on ‘aggressive’ breast cancer prevention programs, which would ‘help to keep people healthier [and] save taxpayers’ cash,’ Jackson writes. According to Jackson, a woman in the U.S. Has a one in eight potential for developing breast malignancy during her lifetime, and 200,000 females will be diagnosed with the disease this season.AHF proved helpful tirelessly over the past several months to persuade legislators to revive the treatment concentrate in PEPFAR. We brought two delegations of AHF doctors and Helps individuals from Africa to Washington as part of an intense advocacy effort on the importance of treatment as the primary focus of PEPFAR. Together, we had a lot more than 70 meetings in Senate offices with staffers and Senators, and we could actually persuade them of the essential importance of retaining the priority on treatment in the initial PEPFAR legislation-something that has been key to the success of President Bush’s landmark legislation over the past five years.