Akela announces new corporate focus on PharmaForm Akela Pharma.

today announced a fresh strategic concentrate on its rewarding pharmaceutical contract production business, PharmaForm, LLC ., Ltd. , and the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings for the Company’s Finnish subsidiary. Corporate concentrate on PharmaForm Division Investing in capacity expansion Access into commercial contract developing Initiating targeted acquisition technique Akela announced today its intent to focus management and capital resources on its lucrative pharmaceutical agreement manufacturing business, PharmaForm. PharmaForm allowed Akela to be profitable this year 2010 and has continued to grow profitably, quarter over quarter, generating almost $1.0 million in net income through the first quarter of 2011.The survey found that 85 percent of respondents had not made any change with their health insurance plans, while 2 percent got canceled their coverage entirely. Over the past many years, U.S. Occupants have been paying even more of their healthcare costs, primarily because employers are requiring workers to contribute a greater share of medical health insurance premiums and copayments, or they are reducing or changing benefits, the Chronicle reports. Michael Potter, a family physician and head of the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA chapter of the California Academy of Family Physicians, said, ‘There’s lots of proof that the more sufferers are required to pay more for their care, the more that they make economic decisions in what to obtain or what not,’ adding, ‘Although some of that may be perfectly fair and appropriate, what I worry about is people not really getting care that is really needed for their health.’ Chris Ohman, CEO of the California Association of Wellness Plans, said, ‘We realize from past financial downturns that companies and people tighten their budgets all together, however they tighten their wellness budgets certainly,’ adding that although healthcare costs have elevated at rates often dual or triple the price of inflation for a long time, the squeeze feels more significant as the overall economy worsens.