After epilepsy surgery.

Because certain risk factors make people more likely to possess memory problems after surgery and additional risk factors make people more likely to continue to have seizures after medical operation, doctors can use these leads to help determine who is a good candidate for surgery and to closely monitor those who are at risk, Langfitt stated.. After epilepsy surgery, standard of living related more to seizures than memory Epilepsy surgery can eliminate seizures for 60 to 85 % of people with temporal lobe epilepsy who have do not respond good to medications. But medical procedures leads to memory problems in 25 to 40 % of individuals. New research helps patients and doctors weigh the risks and great things about surgery. The study, published in the June 5, 2007, problem of Neurology, the scientific journal of the American Academy of Neurology, demonstrates standard of living improves for folks after medical procedures if their seizures are controlled, even if they develop memory problems.She drank about 2 liters of cola daily, she said. After abstaining from soda for one week just, the girl potassium levels and heart electrical activity returned to normal. Drinking too much cola may cause excess drinking water to enter the bowels, which in turn prospects to diarrhea, and lack of potassium, the researchers said. High levels of caffeine can boost urine production and lower potassium reabsorption also, the experts said. Potassium is important in helping someone’s heartbeat, and low degrees of potassium may cause heart rhythm problems.