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Of those, eight people acquired a delayed sleep phase syndrome with problems falling asleep and waking up, and seven people had irregular sleep-wake patterns. The frequency of sleep disorders in this research is considerably greater than the rate of these disorders among people attending sleep treatment centers for insomnia, which is usually seven to 10 %, said Ayalon. Ayalon stated these findings suggest that sleep disorders that involve adjustments in the timing of sleep may be relatively common among brain injury individuals and should be considered when these patients report sleeping problems in order to avoid misdiagnosis.XIENCE V is indicated for improving coronary luminal size in patients with symptomatic cardiovascular disease due to de novo indigenous coronary artery lesions with reference vessel diameters of 2.5 mm to 4.25 mm. Additional information about XIENCE V, including essential safety information, is offered by www, About Abbott Vascular Abbott Vascular, a division of Abbott, is one of the world’s leading vascular caution businesses.