According to a fresh study by NY University School of Medicine researchers and their colleagues.

So now the U.S. Faces a somewhat under-recognized public health challenge, he says, as the disease has been considered managed. About one in five persons screened in the brand new study who were born in China had been contaminated with chronic hepatitis B. Generally, the infection price among those tested closely mirrored prices reported in the study participants’ indigenous countries and areas, says Dr. Pollack. Once diagnosed, proper evaluation and treatment and, oftentimes, specific antiviral treatment, may be the key to avoiding long-term problems of the disease.It is important to recognize both the benefits and costs of newborn screening applications. Decisions about new circumstances for mandatory screening should reflect open public opinion for public wellness priorities also , says Prosser, who is also an associate professor of health administration and policy at the U-M College of Public Health. The study will also conduct a study of public values for newborn screening programs. This information will be of immediate interest to convey and national policy manufacturers when considering new conditions for suggested newborn screening panels. By combining information from major data collection, systematic reviews, published and unpublished data, and expert opinion, study investigators will project long-term health and economic outcomes for conditions that can be detected by newborn screening.