Academic Hall of Shame: Monsanto Mafia scientists named.

This article goes on to similarly expose Bruce Chassy and David Shaw . It discusses also, presumably for ‘balance’, agronomist and GMO critic Charles Benbrook, at Washington Condition University then, who unlike others openly acknowledged his funding. What Lipton Missed But readers of the emails will get facts that are much more harming to perceptions of academic independence than that contained in the main article. To begin with, the money Folta received is insignificant aside from the tens of millions his university was taking from Syngenta , Monsanto, Pioneer , and BASF .We purify our food, he says. Our ancestors ate wholegrains, but we’re consuming white loaf of bread. American Indians ate corn; we eat corn syrup. The substances in purified modern meals cause visitors to eat and unnecessarily unconsciously, and can also prompt an animal to eat like a drug abuser [uses medicines], says Wang. Function of Dopamine a chemical substance in the brain is emphasized in addiction in animals and humans.