About Us

Health matters to the well-being of our community…. Communities that build healthy practices into the workplace, into schools, into the day-to-day transactions of life create stronger neighborhoods  for those who want to live and work here.” –Mayor John DeStefano, Jr., City of New Haven

Health Matters! is an initiative launched by the City of New Haven to improve the city’s health status with the ultimate goal of making New Haven one of the healthiest cities in the Nation.  In response to growing health disparities and inequities, New Haven government leaders and partners called on representatives from various sectors to help chart a course towards healthier communities.  The result:  an understanding that health is affected not only by the choices individuals make, but also by larger societal factors, such as education, transportation and housing.  And thus, Health Matters! was born.

Health Matters! has three aims:

1)      Change the way we talk about health.

2)      Leverage existing health promoting initiatives for greater impact.

3)      Create and support policy that promotes a healthier community.

Whether it’s childhood obesity or the safety of our streets and neighborhoods, health matters! We all have a role to play in creating and sustaining our vision for a healthier New Haven.  So we invite you to take part in this movement and help New Haven become one of the healthiest cities in the Nation.