Abana Himalaya Alternative Medication to treat Heart Diseases What is Abana Himalaya?

It also consists of the ingredient known as as Calmint which helps in regular supporting cardiovascular functions. Dosage: Please consult your physician to prescribe the dosage that most effective suits your condition. Benefits: * Abana Himalaya herbal medication supports normal heart functions. * It promotes healthy blood circulation. * Abana Himalaya increases the normal cholesterol and lipid levels also. * Helps in normal functioning of platelets.Many of them don’t know it and the onset of a coronary attack or heart disease is only a matter of period. But, how will something so natural become so bad? The simple truth is that, at normal levels, poor cholesterol and good cholesterol are harmless. However, the typical American diet is loaded full of LDL, which builds up in our arteries, slowly blocking them off. The easiest method to prevent this from happening is to lower your poor cholesterol as quickly as possible. To lesser your risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and death in a mere 3 months, try these three simple methods: fish oil health supplements, vitamin supplements, and a good diet. Fish Oils Supplements Fish oil products and the essential essential fatty acids they include , are most connected with improved mind function and mental processing often.