AADE recommends easy-to-follow tips for diabetes management You have Type 2 diabetes.

Make it clear that being active has big payoffs, assisting them lower their sugar levels; strengthen their center, muscles and bones; lose weight; and feel better. – Learning to get better at your diabetes is crucial: See a diabetes educator. Diabetes educators are licensed health care professionals who work with each patient to create a particular healthy living plan tailored to them that includes the tools and support they want. Explain that diabetes education offers been proven to greatly help individuals with diabetes manage their fat and decrease their cholesterol amounts and blood pressure; and that the diabetes educator works as part of your team to help the patient manage his or her care in a way that makes sense to each person.Russian President Vladimir Putin called food security probably the most acute problems today as he opened the final day time of talks at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, your blog writes . The leaders discussed trade and innovative development in the region also, Xinhua notes . During their meetings, the APEC leaders are expected to approve numerous initiatives, including one which will cut tariffs on environmental-related goods – – such as waste-water treatment technologies – – to five % by 2015, the Associated Press/Washington Post writes, adding, In addition they are expected to endorse steps for ensuring food security, protecting supply chains and beefing up emergency preparedness . This article was reprinted from kaiserhealthnews.org with permission from the Henry J.