A subsidiary of American Pacific Company.

The implementation of these technologies for the making of APIs is the result of AFC’s dedication to continuous processing. We be prepared to see more industrial scale continuous processes in the next few years,’ said Aslam Malik, President of AFC.. AFC announces the successful installing three Hastelloy LLC in series AMPAC Fine Chemical substances , a subsidiary of American Pacific Company , today the successful installation announced, qualification and validation in a cGMP production environment of a continuous extraction process comprising three Hastelloy Liquid-Liquid Centrifuges in series.However, this well-intentioned plan has fallen far short of its goals to getting 500,000 people in the developing world on ARV treatment by September 2004. According to a recently available Kaiser Family Foundation internet cast, fewer than 1,300 folks are on life-keeping ARV treatment via PEPFAR-funded programs to date worldwide. The trial is an open label dose-escalation study using a vector-gene mixture developed at the renowned St. Jude Children’s Study Hospital. Dr. Arthur W. Nienhuis of St. Jude is the principal investigator of the on-going trial.