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The new study issues that, but also the authors say the results don’t mean that more comprehensive sex education should be ignored. The abstinence-only system was based on public psychology theories about what motivates behavior. It encouraged abstinence as a way to prevent pregnancy and transmitted diseases sexually. Psychologist John Jemmott III, the lead writer, called the findings amazing given negative outcomes in previous abstinence-only study. Jemmott stated the single focus might have been better at encouraging abstinence compared to the other approaches in his study.That being one cause, there are multiple others that take into account obesity and how a major portion of the world’s people is slowly obtaining a victim of the highly disturbing condition? Nevertheless, technology and technology together have made it plausible to combat this disorder without invasive procedures. The involvement of technology offers led to the invention of best slimming machines and devices that can aid losing those undesired inches without going for a medical procedures or liposuction. Below talked about are three best technology modalities which have been offering quantifying results in the area and whose clear understanding can aid in facing weight problems without any ordeal: Laser therapy Low level laser beam therapy works by concentrating a definite frequency laser beam to the designated region.