4 Fantastic Fitness Benefits of Jogging Jogging is a good way to improve your fitness.

This can result in major organ damage and increases your risk of heart disease also. High degrees of fitness possess been linked with reduced blood pressure. Consequently, regular jogging can lower your blood circulation pressure and minimise the risks associated with this disease. 3) Higher ENDURANCE: – As discussed above, regular jogging improves your cardiovascular fitness which makes your body better at utilising oxygen.Lift hips and trunk off floor with a slow, controlled and smooth motion. Use your ab muscles and gluteal muscles simultaneously. Squeeze buttocks at the very top and lower. Remember, while doing this you have to place pressure on shoulders instead of head. Do not force with the hands. Lower slightly and alleviate tightening in case there is usually cramping in the hamstrings. Continue doing this 8-12 times, work up to 2 sets. Target: It targets trunk, hamstrings, glute, lower back and the abs. Advancement: Contain the up for a 35 count. Single Calf Raise Procedure: Support your complete body against a wall. Maybe you can use a chair for this.