12 natural ways to achieve amazing hair Men and women can suffer from hair loss.

Iron Rich Foods ARE EXCELLENT For HairFor locks to grow Iron is an essential element naturally. Iron are available in foods like green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, and berries. To help iron better absorb in the system it is a good idea to consider it with supplement c. Great Minerals For HairTwo great nutrients for hair growth are Zinc and Silica. To help stimulate the growth of hair this is a good idea to take 500 mg of Silica daily and 50 mg of Zinc two times a day. Rosemary SUPPORTS Scalp CirculationRosemary offers been used over the years to help with scalp circulation.Many times a single treatment will do the working job. Redness, itching and burning could be felt for weeks after obtaining the treatment. * Surgery – Surgery to eliminate scars often includes sutures or skin grafts and pays to as a removal tool for some ice pick scars. * Drugs – Keloids usually do not respond well to dermabrasion, laser treatments or surgery. Sometimes topical solutions with retinoid can be utilized or steroidal drugs can be injected into skin around the scar.