10 rules to prevent child drownings Summer has arrived.

Adults and teenagers age 14 and older who supervise children ought to know CPR. Studies possess demonstrated that drowned kids given quick CPR suffered no brain damage almost, while children not receiving such instant treatment sustained brain loss of life or damage. Children should be given swimming lessons but shouldn’t be considered water-safe until they are 14 years previous. Keep small children out of bathrooms unless supervised by an adult or older child.The extensive research comes at a time when office workers face growing pressure to work longer hours, putting them vulnerable to burnout, experts said. Only fifty % of U.S. Adults employed full-time work 40 or fewer hours a full week, according to a 2014 Gallup poll. The average workweek is usually 47 hours now, with one in five full-time workers clocking 60 hours or even more nearly, the Gallup poll exposed. For many, taking breaks through the workday seems out of the relevant question.