10 Dirty Secrets About the Drug Industry When we go to the doctor.

10 Dirty Secrets About the Drug Industry When we go to the doctor, we deserve to have the best care medicine has to offer, science-based and unbiased. Regrettably, the truth is often far from it. 1) Crime pays generic viagra . As just two recent illustrations, Pfizer was fined a record $2.3 Billion in September 2009 ; in January 2009 and, Eli Lilly was fined $1.4 Billion . So, why do these ongoing companies choose criminal conduct more than integrity? Profits. Medications like Vioxx are so profitable that the drug companies discover people criminal fines as mere costs to do business. 2) It’s illegal to bribe a doctor to write prescriptions. But what’s not really illegal is unmonitored promotion.

We can’t advise parents on what they must do, but I believe it’s positive that over fifty % of parents reported that medications helped ‘a great deal,’ said report writer LaJeana Howie, a statistical analysis scientist at the U.S. National Middle for Health Statistics. Howie and her co-workers weren’t in a position to identify the precise disorders the kids were becoming treated for, although she said 81 % of the kids with emotional or behavioral troubles had been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder at some time in their lives. The researchers were also unable to identify the specific medications prescribed to the kids because of their emotional and behavioral troubles, according to Howie.